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The Old Windsor WeatherCam works by recording regular snapshots of the same view and then replaying these as a "film loop" to show how the weather is changing. In this way small changes which are often too subtle to notice become obvious with time-lapse animation.

Every minute throughout the day an image is captured and uploaded to the server. You can then view these as a time-lapse movie and watch how the weather develops. Three frame rates are available, 4/sec, 2/sec and 1/sec. The size of each image has been kept small, so even at busy times these rates are achievable. If the images donít refresh smoothly then try to reduce the frame rate. You can also change the direction and pause the replay.

Three loops are available: last hour, last four hours and all the data. Viewing all the data will start at the earliest frame (which may be yesterday) and loop around until the latest of todayís frames. Viewing the last hour or four hours data will always give todayís images, so early in the morning there may not be quite enough data. The data is overwritten daily, so images captured today will be gone tomorrow.

The Old Windsor WeatherCam sometimes pictures birds and aircraft, even the occasional window cleaner has been spotted! Use the Play/Pause and Forward/Reverse controls to look at individual frames.

The camera used is the Sitecom LN401 IPCAM in FTP mode producing colour images at 320 x 240 pixels with medium compression. Approximately 150MB of RAM is required on your PC to view all the data.

The Weather Trends and Reports page shows data collected by a Davis Vantage Pro weather station located near the camera. The data is normally updated every three hours during the day. Although reasonably accurate this data is provided for interest only and should not form the basis of any decisions you take regarding the weather.




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